Isabele Bonfrer as Frankie


A Thelma & Louise for our times


Powerful, extraordinary theatre




Frankie and Shyanne are the stars of their very own movie.

They just don't know it.


Frankie was “daddy’s little girl”, but inside she’s screaming that God made a mistake by giving her the wrong body. Shyanne was the apple of her daddy’s eye. He disappeared and her momma went off the rails. Then she figured she could make easy money by dancing in the nude. When the two ‘misfits’ find comfort in each other’s world, they make a place they can call “home”. 


A trailer park, in deepest, darkest Texas.

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All profits will be reinvested into the planned tour for Spring 2019.

Ryna Campbell a Shyanne in arts Council South East promotional material

Elliston's brilliant brain.

Female Arts

A terrific and fascinating play.

Timberlake Wertnebaker

Simply superb!

Secklow Sounds 105.5FM

Some of the most heartbreaking, funny theatre I’ve seen in a long time

Audience feedback

I absolutely adored the beautiful story and characters you all created

Audience feedback

Beautifully written- hilarious, moving, unexpected and thought provoking

Audience feedback

TRAILER/trash Production Gallery I Photos Mark Lewis (Squareshot Photography)
TRAILER/trash I Trailer
TRAILER/trash I Cast and Creatives
"intense, funny and reflective of diversity today."
Audience feedback

"A wonderful, inspiring play."

Amy Forrest,  Dep Chair LGBT Committee, Equity


Music from the show

Composed and performed


Christina Kelly

Shyanne's Theme Scene 17 - Chisitna Kelly
Shyanne's Theme Scene 13 - Christina Kelly
Frankie's Theme Scene 5 - Chrisitna Kelly


Video clips from the show

shot during live performance