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Partner with TRAILER/trash

to create meaningful impact

with your consumers, clients and employees.









External engagement

Enhance corporate image, reputation and standing in the local and wider communities.

Reach consumers in an authentic way.

​​Improve competitive position in the marketplace in reaching customers from diverse backgrounds.

Attract and retain high quality personnel from diverse backgrounds.



Internal engagement

Clearly demonstrate positive leadership through Executive buy-in to equality, inclusivity & diversity.

Improved managerial styles, skills and performance in areas such as

communication, people management, goal setting and planning.

Empower employees in knowing they've been hired based solely on their aptitude.

Foster greater innovation and more creativity.

Challenge unconscious bias.



35-65+ years

typical 60/40 female/male split


LGBTQ groups and individuals, their allies, friends & families




2 female leads

Race equality (BAME)

Sexuality acceptance (non binary/ftm trans)

Age empowerment (older female in lead role)

Achieve your full potential

Presenting authentically/being the best version of yourself

Trash pejorative labels

"A Thelma & Louise for our times"

4* Female Arts

"Powerful, extraordinary theatre!

Secklow sounds 105.5FM


Inclusive and diverse characters and narrative

Challenging unconscious bias

Questioning 'normality'

Socially relevant

Contemporary themes

Positive, self-determination

Ground breaking, highly original

Positive, self-determination

Uplifting and joyful

Powerful storytelling

"A wonderful inspiring play"

Amy Forrest, Deputy Chair LGBT Committee, Equity, Actors' Union

"Hilarious, moving, unexpected and thought provoking”

Audience feedback



A CSR, employee engagement, entertainment and training package putting your brand centre stage.

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TRAILER/trash on tour Feb/Mar 2020


Leeds / Manchester / Redditch

Bedford / Horsham /

North Shields

Peterborugh / London

More venues tba

A few words from award winning playwright,
Mike Elliston
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As an LGBT writer, I've been lucky enough to work across the theatre, tv, promotions and publishing industries for many years now. I've always felt supported by those around me and encouraged to be the real person that I am. I recognise that for many this isn't always easy. I wrote TRAILER/trash to offer my own support to anyone who feels they exist on the margins and to foster a wider appreciation that underneath it all, we're all the same.

In my world, "shame" in respect of how I was born, doesn't exist.


In the play, Shyanne, an African American stripper, offers the younger Frankie, a non-binary female identifying as male, the following advice:


Because when we're made to feel small, we're bigger than we think we are.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to participate and to share Shyanne's words with your employees, your customers and all those around you who strive to "be more whale", now and in the years that lie ahead. As hostility, ignorance and prejudice against BAME and LGBT groups and individuals appear to be sadly on the increase worldwide, the play's relevance, urgency and call to action couldn't be more timely.

Thank you.


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